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Today is Octavarium day! I picked up DT’s latest record, as of 06/07/2005, and I have to say, it isn’t all that bad! The following is my take on Dream Theater’s Octavarium. Please remember that this is only my OPINION and there is no need to drool, spit, or defile your own body if you do not agree.

1. The Root of All Evil
I take it that this is another part of Mike’s rehab series of songs. The lyrics overlap his other songs. I really can’t wait until this series is over. The only decent song out of this whole thing is “The Mirror”… the rest are blah.

2. The Answer Lies Within
Ooooo. Almost. It sounds like it could be a really good song. The harmonies are just missing a little more polish.

3. These Walls
Interesting song. I have a feeling that the more I listen to this the more I’ll like it. The music is very nice… not too heavy, not too light.

4. I Walk Beside You
Oh yes! The John Petrucci ballad is back. We haven’t heard one of these since SFaM. I really like this song. The vocal harmonies are just right. Great song!

5. Panic Attack
Nice! I really like this song. It has some DT elements and some pieces that are really different. I think this might be a crowd favorite during the tour.

6. Never Enough
This is more like it! I love this song… it’s what I think DT should have evolved into after SFaM. The music and vocal harmonies are all perfect. Thank you, DT… this is exactly what I wanted. (I’m not a big fan of DT ripping on the people that actually pay $15 for each CD though. I think that I have a right to express my opinion of an album if I plop down my hard earned cash for it.)

7. Sacrificed Sons
This reminds me a lot of “In the Name of God”… I don’t like this haunting vocal type of song at all. The music is nice to listen to though. The lyrics are very bland. It sounds like a grade school theme.

8. Ocatavarium
It took a few listens but I’m starting to like this song more and more. The lyric style for the first few parts are pretty blah but the music is very well done.

Overall it’s a really good album… the first DT album that I’ve liked since SFaM. The only thing that I wish DT would do is go back to their old lyric writing style. I miss the type of lyrics that you really had to think about. This whole album is just straight sentences with no mystery at all.

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