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I have to admit that I’ve kind of lost a little interest in DT since the shut down of the DTIFC Theater of Dreams fanzine. I used to really look forward to the annual CD gift from the fan club and that’s what kept me subscribed.

When I first joined the DTIFC (issue 16) I was extremely impressed with the quality of the magazine. I would get giddy walking back from the mailbox while ripping open the small, A5 sized envelope. The photographs, paper quality, collectibles section, they were all fantastic.

Then, for some crazy reason, the guys that designed the fanzine decided that they wanted to resize the book to the super gigantic A1 format. I was very disappointed to say the least. Not only did it make the ‘zine more prone to damage(nearly every one of mine has some sort of bend or tear), it was much more difficult to read.

Finally, it all came to a crashing halt when they announced that the DTIFC fanzine was closing down. Oh, well… I guess I’ll just have to live off of the Ytsejam Records bootlegs.

But wait…

Then, out of nowhere, Voices UK announces that if you sign up for their fanzine before November 2005, you will get a special DVD with some rare DT moments from their upcoming tour. Oh yeah, I was all over that, and nearly four months later I finally received my fanzine and gift.

The weird thing was that I really only wanted the free DVD (which was really good by the way), but to my great surprise, the fanzine was absolutely wonderful. By far this is the very best Dream Theater fanzine I’ve ever had the privilege to own. Everything about this book is just superb. The book size (A5… thank you, thank you, thank you), the layout, the colors, the articles, the photography, everything is top notch and has exceeded my expectations.

On top of all of that VoicesUK also offers a T-Shirt, membership card and a window sticker to all new subscribers.

So even if you missed the deadline for the free DVD, I highly recommend signing up anyway. The fanzine is totally worth the price. What are waiting for? Sign up now!

Voices UK

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