2004-03-18 The Rave


This was the first Rave concert that featured the assigned seating and special ticket price thingie that most record labels are now pushing. I just bought two regular tickets not thinking twice about the assigned seating. I made a huge mistake. We were forced to stand in the very back of the venue so it was nearly impossible to see anything.

It was especially impossible because of a very annoying couple standing directly in front of us. They both had seats in the very front row of the balcony but they felt the need to stand up, talk, make out, and dance erotically all the while blocking a large number of DT fan’s views. Believe it or not, some people were there to actually see DT.

Because of our dilemma, Brett, a seasoned veteran of sneaking, found a few empty assigned seats during the second set and talked his way into snagging both of them for us. The Rave security took a little break after the first set and left some large portions of the venue unsecured. Brett saw the opportunity and started walking around looking at his ticket stub and then up at the letters/numbers on the pillars/seats. He walked up to the two previously empty seats and asked the person sitting there to move as he was sitting in our seats. The guy apologized and left. Pure brilliance, definitely an Academy award winning performance.

Audio-wise, this show was completely terrible. It seems that the acoustics in The Rave are getting worse as time goes. The sound was so loud and boomy that you could barely make out what was being played or spoken by James. I was really disappointed in this show’s audio.

Some of the highlights of the show:
For me, the biggest hilight of this show was “The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun”. I’m a huge fan of this song and DT pulled it off flawlessly. It’s a very difficult song to memorize for the entire band since the time changes are very odd and the lyrics are unique for each section. DT really impressed me that they could play this song live after so many years.

Jordan’s Performance
Jordan seems to always be “on”. He never messes up and seems to really be enjoying himself on stage. His mix was too high for my liking.

John Myung’s Performance
John was his normal self. Never making eye contact and never showing emotion. Sometimes I think he’s a robot… how else could his fingers move that fast? Seriously though, he played a great show even though his mix was way too low.

James’ Performance
James sounded really, really good to me. When I saw DT the first couple of times James seemed to mess up more than he does now. I can’t remember one point during this entire concert where James’ voice cracked or he messed up a line. James’ mix was perfect and his voice was phenomenal.

Mike’s Performance
Mike always puts on a good show and it’s nearly impossible to hear any flaws in his live performances. Mike’s mix was great and sounded nice.

John Petrucci’s Performance
My only complaint about JP is that he seems to want to crank his volume too high. IMO this usually causes most of the sound problems since he drowns out everyone else in the band. Don’t get me wrong, I love JP and I think he is an incredible guitarist. I just wish he would turn down a little bit and give us listeners a chance to hear everyone else.

Set List

  1. As I Am
  2. This Dying Soul
  3. Beyond This Life
  4. Hollow Years
  5. War Inside My Head
  6. The Test That Stumped Them All
  7. Endless Sacrifice
  8. Finally Free
  9. New Millennium
  10. The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun
  11. Key Solo
  12. Erotomania
  13. Voices
  14. The Silent Man
  15. In the Name of God
  16. Metropolis

Post show…
After the show Brett and I snagged a set list from the lighting guy. I was surprised to find that there was a song adjustment made for this show. Apparently during set 2 they were supposed to play Honor Thy Father in place of TOWHtStS. I actually like TOWHtStS so it didn’t bother me at all.

This was the first DT concert where Brett and I didn’t stay late to get autographs. The show ended really late and the guys had to sign and pose for all of the fans that bought the special tickets.


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