2002-08-27 The Riverside Theater


I bought tickets in the first mezzanine so we were really close to the band but still up in a balcony so we could see everything. The concert was incredible, as usual. The band sounded really tight and the set list was great. I finally got to see and hear Surrounded in concert; it was everything that I hoped it would be.

Some of the highlights of the show:
During the ‘Instrumedely’ Mike yelled out “Let’s Play Ball” and then JM and JP proceeded to pass a soccer ball back and forth with their feet while playing Ytsejam. After the song JP threw the ball at JM who headed it back to him, JR who punched it back to him and MP who also headed it back. Then JP juggled it a few times with his feet/knee and then kicked it into the audience. After the show I saw the lucky guy who caught the ball and noticed that the ball had the Majesty logo printed on each individual pad. How cool in that?

Mike played catch with a stage hand by throwing his drum sticks, all the while continuing to play drums. It was incredible to see him play seamlessly while switching from one hand to two hands and trying to throw and catch a stick that would come flying from off stage. Amazing!

During second chorus of ‘Lie’ the band completely stopped and let the crowd begin to sing the “…you wanted me…” part. Then they started right back up again in time with the audience. It was very cool.

Jordan’s Performance
The keyboards were perfect as usual. JR is such and incredible player and his on-stage presence really lights up the crowd. He sang along to most of the songs and seemed really into the show.

John Myung’s Performance
Mr. Myung really surprised me this leg of the tour. He was moving all over the stage and he did a lot of dueling with JP which is always a cool thing to see. Seeing him kick a soccer ball around and heading it to JP was very cool. I really enjoyed JM’s performance a lot.

James’ Performance
LaBrie kicked major ass this show. His voice was probably the best that I’ve every heard it. He held some pretty tough notes and his voice didn’t even crack once. He was on the stage for nearly the entire show (minus the ‘Instrumedely’). As always I think James did an excellent job.

Mike’s Performance
Mike is such a performer; he seems like he is having such a good time on stage and his comedic antics always make the crowd roar with laughter. His skill as a musician is always apparent and this show is no exception. Juggling sticks and switching playing styles from one-handed to two-handed is a must see.

John Petrucci’s Performance
What can you say about one of the greatest guitar players in the world? Well, he really shines at every show and did just that for this show. He did a few duels with JM and his soccer skills are coming along very nicely. Great job as always, John.

Set List

  1. About to Crash
  2. Fatal Tragedy
  3. 6:00
  4. Surrounded
  5. Misunderstood
  6. Lie
  7. Instrumedley
  8. The Spirit Carries On
  9. Peruvian Skies
  10. Learning to Live

Post show…
Immediately after the show Brett headed for the Sound/Lighting guy to pick up a set list. I wasn’t there so I’m not sure of the exact details, but he did come away with a set list.

After about a 30/45 minutes of waiting in the back of the venue, John Myung came out to sign autographs. He stayed for quite awhile and signed everything that was handed to him. This was the first time that I had ever seen him sign and talk for this long. The only other time that I saw him after a show was on 2-12-00 and he signed for about 1 minute. This was real treat and he was very kind.

James came out next and made his way through the crowd signing everything as usual. James seems to always have time for the fans and it’s a very admirable trait. We all know that all of the guys have lives outside of DT and that sometimes they just don’t feel like talking to the fans after an exhausting show, but James is always there; rain or shine. He’s a super guy.

I heard that Mr. Rudess came out to sign for a bit, but I didn’t get a signature or even a glance at him for a picture.

I didn’t hear anything about JP or Mike and assumed that they just jumped in their van and waited for JL and JM to finish up before heading to the hotel.

Oh, and yes, the infamous “Wingerman” was there AGAIN. You’ll notice him in nearly every picture to the top left of this article. He annoyed JM and JL by having them sign tons of crap and talking their ears off. He somehow got James to add him to the Guest List at the Chicago show and talked to JM about playing some of the older tunes. (If he was really a true DT fan he would realize that JM is not that fond of the older Majesty/WDaDU stuff). God, this guy is the biggest moron I have ever seen.

I really hope that Wingerman finds this site and reads these reviews. Maybe one day he’ll realize what an idiot he is and take it down a few notches so that other DT fans can get autographs and maybe get a chance to actually meet some of the guys.

Wingerman, you are the bane of every DT fan’s existence!!


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