2002-03-17 The Rave


This concert was simply awesome. The guys seemed to be having a ton of fun while on stage and interacted with each other and crowd quite often. I’ll break down the show by band member:

was simply incredible; he was sitting on the ground, facing backward, playing with Mike’s drum kit, all the while playing his keyboard and not missing a note. He interacted with Mike and John Myung a few times and made me laugh throughout the show. His mix was perfect and I could hear all of his parts very clearly. His solo was unique and blended into LitS quite well.

John Myung…
didn’t move around at all through the entire show. He played flawlessly and for once, I could hear his mix very clearly. He sounded very good and I liked being able to hear his contributions.

was very mobile and ran around the stage quite often. He was full of energy and interacted with all of the band members. He also had space reserved next to Mike’s kit where he had a tambourine, tom-tom and few other percussion type instruments. His voice was very well tuned and didn’t crack at all. He held some very tough notes and reached some highs that I’ve never heard him try before. I was very very impressed by his performance.

was his usual self. He played perfectly and interacted with the band and the crowd quite often. His mix was great and his performance was beautiful. He only dropped a few sticks but those were directed at JR so they don’t count.

John Petrucci…
was extraordinary like always. He moved around the stage a few times and interacted with the crowd during his solos. His solos were spot on and very loud. The only complaint I had about the show is that the guitars were just too dang loud. It was hard to hear JP’s super riffs because the reverb drowned most of them out… but that’s not John’s fault.

Set List

  1. The Glass Prison
  2. Burning My Soul ’96
  3. Another Hand/The Killing Hand
  4. Under a Glass Moon
  5. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
  6. Through My Words/Fatal Tragedy
  7. The Great Debate
  8. Key Solo/Lines in the Sand
  9. SDoIT
  10. Home
  11. The Spirit Carries On
  12. Pull Me Under

Pre/During/Post Concert Events
The following is a list of the events that happened before, during and after the Dream Theater Concert on March 17th, 2002.

The way there…
Since our last trip to The Rave was so much fun and when we heard that DT was coming to Milwaukee for the World Tourbulence Tour, Brett and I decided that we HAD to go see them again.

In the early afternoon of March 17th, 2002, Brett and I started off to Milwaukee. We left around 2:00pm so that we would have plenty of time to check into our hotel and get a decent parking spot at The Rave. On the way there we listened to some DT studio tunes and chatted about how cool this show was going to be. The 2 hour trip seemed quite short now that I reflect back on it.

The Hotel…
We arrived at the hotel at about 4ish and checked in. Brett had a deal where he could get a Free nights stay at a select few hotels in the Milwaukee area so all we had to pay was $4 for room tax.

The Rave…
After dropping off our luggage, we felt a little rumblin’ in our tummies so we decided to head over to The Rave to park and then look for a place to eat within walking distance.

We drove around back of the venue to check out the parking situation and noticed that hardly anyone was back there. We snagged a great spot right across from the tour bus. In fact it was the exact same parking spot from our last trip to The Rave.

We jumped out and walked around to the front entrance. In our last experience at The Rave we met James and Mike before the show so we tried our luck again to see if we could catch any of the guys walking around inside. After about 5 minutes of loitering we decided that our luck must have run dry because there was nobody in site.

We headed outside to scope out the nearby restaurants in our search for food, precious food. We noticed the Taco Bell that we visited 2 years earlier but decided to try something different. We saw a little Family Restaurant almost directly across from the The Rave and gave it a shot. The food was excellent and was very well priced.

The Rave revisited…
It was nearing 6:00pm (2 hours before the show) so we got our tickets, dropped off our jackets and started for the entrance. We made our way to the bar and got in line waiting for the doors to open.

About 30 minutes later security opened the doors and we rushed to the gate near the front of the stage. We were about 2 rows back but decided that we really didn’t want to stand for 3½ hours. We thought that the balcony was a good choice so we sprinted to the stairs and found a great set of seats almost directly in the middle of the venue. We could see everything… it was perfect.

The show…
You can read about the performance at the top of the page. During the show Brett scanned the landscape and noticed 2 set lists. One was held by the lighting tech guy and the other by the soundboard man. He let me know that we should head down there after the show to try and snag the set lists. He also noticed that Mike dropped a Drum Stick under his kit when he was trying to throw one to Jordan. He set his sights on the stick in hopes to surprise his son who is also a drummer.

Post show…
Immediately after the show we made our way to the soundboard dude. Brett coerced the set list out of him but I was not nearly as successful with the lighting guy… he had already given it away. Arrrrggg! Brett, however, was very kind and gave me his set list… what a guy. We then started for the stage to get the drum stick but the staff security were doing there jobs and being pricks by pushing people toward the exit with barricades. The stick was lost forever.

After about 45 minutes of waiting in the car after the show we gathered our belongings that we wanted signed and joined the group of freaks coagulating near the tour bus.

JP came out and asked everyone to back away from the bus and line up so that he could sign autographs for everyone. It was a great gesture to the fans and I really appreciated it… DT is definitely a band that loves the fans.

I brought a few of my DTIFC fanzines along to get signed and Brett brought the Flaming Apple LSFN case. We also got the set list signed.

JP seemed very cool and mellow. He signed everyone’s things and smiled politely the entire time. Jordan was the next to arrive and then James. They both were talkative and very kind. Mike came out and everyone started to cheer. He took the time to sign everyone’s stuff unlike the last time I saw him where he seemed short and in a hurry. JM didn’t come out at all. Overall it was a great experience and I really enjoyed meeting all the guys again.

And yes, the infamous “Wingerman” was there again. He annoyed the band by having them sign about 20 CD’s and talking their ears off. Read my review of the 2-12-00 show to read more about the troublesome “Wingerman.”

The next day…
We got back to the hotel at about 2:00am. We popped in a pizza and got to bed around 3:00am. The next day we looked for some used CD stores to see if we could find anything rare. Sure enough the very first store that we tried I found Another Uncovered in perfect condition.

With a perfect ending to a perfect couple of days we headed home with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.


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