The Dance of Eternity

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The Dance of Eternity

New York, NY
2 CD

Music Review
This is probably the most well known Dream Theater bootleg. Disc #2 contains the infamous ACoS which sprouted the petition that was sent to the band which in turn spawned the release of the self titled EP. The sound quality is awesome.

For some odd reason, my Disc #1 of this set can not be read by a computer CD-ROM so I can not copy it with my current disc duplication set up. Arrrgggg!!

Packaging Review
The liner includes some great shots of the band while performing live.

Set List

CD 1 – Can not be copied

  1. Metropolis Pt. I
  2. A Fortune In Lies
  3. Under A Glass Moon
  4. Surrounded
  5. The Ytse Jam
  6. To Live Forever
  7. Take The Time

CD 2

  1. Eve/Pull Me Under
  2. Another Day
  3. The Killing Hand
  4. A Change Of Seasons
  5. Wait For Sleep
  6. Learning To Live

BootlegsImages and Tour

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