Live at the Riviera

BootlegsMetropolis 2000

Live at the Riviera

Chicago, IL
2 CD

Music Review
Disc one starts out with the creator adjusting the record level and there is a bit of distortion. The rest of the disc and disc two are awesome. The sound has a bit of distortion in places where the croud goes nuts but that is it. The tracks are cut at odd places but it is still a great bootleg.

Packaging Review
I made it myself because there was not one.

Set List

CD 1

  1. Regression/Overture 1928/Strange Deja Vu pt. I
  2. Strange Deja Vu pt. II
  3. Through My Words/Fatal Trajedy
  4. Beyond This Life
  5. Through Her Eyes
  6. Home pt. I
  7. Home pt. II
  8. The Dance of Eternity pt. I

CD 2

  1. The Dance of Eternity pt. II/One Last Time
  2. The Spirit Carries On
  3. Finally Free
  4. Scenes Outro
  5. Peruvian Skies
  6. Austin Powers/Erotomania/Paradigm Shift
  7. Pull Me Under/Under a Glass Moon
  8. A Fortune In Lies/Only a Matter of Time
  9. Take the Time
  10. Crowd Outro

BootlegsMetropolis 2000

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