Echoes in the Tower

BootlegsTrain of Thought 2004

Echoes in the Tower

Philadelphia, PA
3 CD

Music Review
I only gave this thing a listen in my car stereo but I have to say that it is a very good recording. Of course I have a pretty nice system so it makes pretty much anything sound good. I didn’t notice any outstanding audio problems.

Packaging Review
This disc came with digital artwork that needs to be printed out. The quality of the design is top notch.

Set List

CD 1

  1. Band History Video
  2. As I Am
  3. This Dying Soul
  4. The Mirror/Reprise
  5. Under a Glass Moon
  6. Through My Words/Fatal Tragedy
  7. Guitar Solo
  8. Goodnight Kiss
  9. Solitary Shell

CD 2

  1. Endless Sacrifice
  2. Trial of Tears
  3. Echoes Part 1
  4. The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun
  5. Honor Thy Father
  6. Keyboard Solo

CD 3

  1. Erotomania
  2. Voices
  3. The Silent Man
  4. Finally Free
  5. In the Name of God

BootlegsTrain of Thought 2004

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