Beyond Tokyo

BootlegsMetropolis 2000

Beyond Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan
2 CD

Music Review
Disc one starts out very nice and clean. There is not a lot of bass but the music is very clear. Then, right around Home it starts to get very crackly and starts to skip. Then the music just cuts off in the middle of JRs solo. Disc two has a few skips here and there especially near the end; but otherwise it is a great disc. These problems could be from the CD-R copy that I have, so if you can find an original it might be better.

Packaging Review
Very well done liner. A picture of the suicide letter on the front and the track listing with the majesty symbol on the back.

Set List

CD 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Scene One: Regression
  3. Scene Two: I. Overture 1928
  4. II. Strange Deja Vu
  5. Scene Three: I. Through My Words
  6. II. Fatal Tragedy
  7. Scene Four: I. Beyond This Life
  8. II. John Petrucci Solo
  9. Scene Five: Through Her Eyes
  10. Scene Six: Home
  11. Scene Seven: I. The Dance of Eternity
  12. II. Jordan Rudess Solo

CD 2

  1. III. The Dance of Eternity Cont.
  2. IV. One Last Time
  3. Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On
  4. Scene Nine: Finally Free
  5. Peruvian Skies / Austin Powers’ Theme / Erotomania / Paradigm Shift
  6. Pull Me Under / Under a Glass Moon / A Fortune in Lies / Only a Matter of Time / Take the Time

BootlegsMetropolis 2000

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