A Memory of Mississippi Nights

BootlegsMetropolis 2000

A Memory of Mississippi Nights

St. Louis, MO
2 CD

Music Review
The sound is very, very good. You can hear the vocals perfectly. The instruments are mixed very well. A great set of discs.

Packaging Review
A second generation scan of a print of a scan of the SfaM cover. Did you get that? Because I did not :)

Set List

CD 1

  1. Intro
  2. Regression
  3. Overture 1928
  4. Strange Deja Vu
  5. Through My Words
  6. Fatal Tragedy
  7. Beyond this Life
  8. Through Her Eyes
  9. Home
  10. Dance of Eternity Pt. I
  11. Jordan Rudess Keyboard Solo
  12. Dance of Eternity Pt. II
  13. One Last Time

CD 2

  1. The Spirit Carries On
  2. Finally Free
  3. Peruvian Skies
  4. Austin Powers’ Theme
  5. Erotomania
  6. Paradigm Shift
  7. Pull Me Under
  8. Under a Glass Moon
  9. Fortune in Lies
  10. Only a Matter of Time
  11. Take the Time

BootlegsMetropolis 2000

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