001 The Majesty Demos


001 The Majesty Demos

1 CD

Music Review
The sound is pretty good but not studio quality. MP explains in the liner notes that some of the songs were experiments in trying to figure out how to use his multi-track recorder.

Some of the songs are from the Majesty Demos 1986 CD and some of them have never been released. A very good song selection from the Majesty Era.

Packaging Review
All of the Ytsejam Records releases have a very professional insert in a jewel case. The liner notes are very informative as well. Truly impressive.

Set List

CD 1

  1. Particle E. Motion (The Berklee Demos)
  2. Another Won (The Berklee Demos)
  3. The Saurus (The Berklee Demos)
  4. Cry for Freedom (The Berklee Demos)
  5. The School Song (The Berklee Demos)
  6. YYZ (The Berklee Demos)
  7. The Farandole (The Berklee Demos)
  8. Two Far (The Berklee Demos)
  9. Anti-Procrastination Song (The Berklee Demos)
  10. Your Majesty (The Berklee Demos)
  11. Solar System Race Song (The Berklee Demos)
  12. I’m About to Faint Song (The Berklee Demos)
  13. Mosquitos in Harmony Song (The Berklee Demos)
  14. John Thinks He’s Randy Song (The Berklee Demos)
  15. Mike Thinks He’s Dee Dee Ramone Introducing a Song Song (The Berklee Demos)
  16. John Thinks He’s Yngwie Song (The Berklee Demos)
  17. Gnos Sdrawkcab (The Berklee Demos)
  18. Another Won (The Majesty Demos)
  19. Your Majesty (The Majesty Demos)
  20. A Vision (The Majesty Demos)
  21. Two Far (The Majesty Demos)
  22. Vital Star (The Majesty Demos)
  23. March of the Tyrant (The Majesty Demos)


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